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Philips Projector Lamps

When it comes to projectors Philips seems to be one of the most popular brands in Australia. Philips is famous for being one of the first to introduce the latest HD and 3D projectors in the country. While the brand is increasingly popular with home theater fanatics most people tend to assume that when it comes time to replace the lamps all of them are pretty much the same. The biggest mistake that people can make is not buying original Philips projector lamps and substituting it for low cost replicas. Many low cost replicas manufactured by unauthorized third parties are of a very low quality which means that they do not last long and come with the added disadvantage of ruining your device in the long term. People may also experience low quality pictures and shading problems if they have one of the latest projectors. This is why it's worth investing in OEM replacement parts for all Philips products.

All Philips projector lamps under one roof

At OZ Lamps we have one of the largest selection of projector lamps in the country. We have lamps for almost every model of Philips projectors regardless of if it was purchased a few months ago or a few years back. Plus every lamp we have is of the highest quality and guaranteed by the manufacturer. So, there is no question that these lamps will provide you with the picture quality, service life and efficiency that you expect from any and all of the company's products.

Just browse through our list of models

We have made buying the right Philips projector lamps very easy. As a matter of fact its so easy that you do not even need to refer to your user's manual for instruction. Unlike other sellers we refrain from mentioning technical jargon but rather leave the selection process up to our experts. This means that in order to find the right lamp to match your model all you need is to take a look at the list of projector models on our website. Every model has a corresponding lamp that we've added to its respective page. This takes the guesswork out of the whole process of buying the right lamp. However, in the event that your model is not listed on our site for whatever reason there is still a chance that we may have it. So, feel free to get in touch with us to find out. That said in 99% of the cases we should have your specific model listed. Our ability to add the latest models to our list almost every month as they become available means that finding what you want is very easy.

Always buy from a reputed seller

The best way to make sure that you are buying high quality projector bulbs is to always buy from a reputed seller. At OZ Lamps we have been selling high quality, OEM projector bulbs for a very long time and over the years have rarely if ever received a complaint. This is because we make sure that the quality of our products are the very best. Plus we make every possible effort to ensure that they are priced as low as possible so that people receive the best value for money in the industry.

If you need projector bulbs for your business's projector or one for your home theater then you will find it at OZ Lamps. Call us today at (02) 8084 9756 to find out if we have a lamp for your projector or send us an email to and we will contact you.