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Mitsubishi Electric Projector Lamps

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the leaders in high quality consumer electronics in the world. Their projectors are regarded as being one of the best offering the highest value for money, especially for businesses who are looking for a device which is robust and energy efficient. While the demand for projectors manufactured by this company is high there are people who complain that the replacement Mitsubishi Electric projector lamps do not last as long. There are a number of reasons why this happens with the leading reason being that they often buy low quality lamps which are manufactured in places like China and not approved by the brand itself. This means that these bulbs are manufactured for the sole purpose of being cheap but not necessarily providing excellent service life which is why they do not last long. So, it's always a good idea to buy your projector lamps from OZ Lamps, not only because we are the leading seller of high quality lamps but also because we only sell ones which are manufactured by Mitsubishi. Our clients can be rest assured that every projector bulb they buy from us will provide them with the rated service life if not more.

The largest selection of projector lamps

If you are like many other businesses or home users who have purchased a projector within the last decade then be assured of the fact that you'll find your Mitsubishi Electric projector lamps on our website. Even if you purchased a projector a few hours ago you'll still find the right bulb on our site. The reason being that we procure projector lamps for almost every new projector model manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric. Our procurement is ongoing regardless of if there are a few new models introduced or if there were dozens. Plus OZ Lamps makes every effort to ensure that we have long lasting stocks so even if the bulbs are scarce in the international market you can still find them with us. Plus people who are interested in buying their lamps in bulk can simply order as many as they need. Unlike other sellers our clients can be rest assured that they will always get high quality and original projector lamps when they buy from us.

Easy to use website

When searching for Mitsubishi Electric projector lamps you may have come across websites and sellers that use arcane terms which quite frankly do not make sense to a regular person. Most people even after reading a complete description of the lamp have no idea if it is the right one for their projector. This is why we have simplified the process of finding and buying the right lamps. Instead of listing specific lamps and their ratings we have listed all the models which these lamps are available for. So, all people need to do is to match the model that they have to the list on our website and click to buy, without having to worry about any of the values. It's just that simple! However, if there is a bulb that you're not sure of or would like to double check the specifications simply refer to your projector's User's Manual to match the tech specs to what's given on our website if there is a discrepancy then contact us right away.

If you are searching for high quality projector lamps for your Mitsubishi Electric projector then look no further than us! call OZ Lamps (02) 8084 9756 or send an email to and we will get in contact you with the information requested or if there is a specific model that you do not see on our website.