About OZ Lamps

About OZ Lamps - Projector Lamp & Bulb Specialists

Based in Sydney, OZ Lamps (ABN 86 324 356 816) is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated. OZ Lamps is Australia’s leading supplier of replacement lamps and bulbs for multimedia projectors and rear projection televisions. We offer reasonable prices to provide our customers with high quality products in a fast, reliable and cost-effective way from our warehouse in Lane Cove, NSW.

Our Projector Lamps

We have the most comprehensive range of lamp & bulb replacements for business, education and entertainment in Australia. We source brand new projector lamps directly from manufacturers for over 10,000 projector models. We provide you with a safe and secure online service to buy projector lamps, TV lamps and we will conveniently deliver them to you Australia-wide.

Our sales team has been experienced in selling projector lamps and well trained giving you peace of mind that the best technical advice and service.

Competitive Pricing

We regularly check our pricing to ensure that our customers get the best possible deal on all our products.


Projector lamps and TV lamps come with 180 days warranty; Projector bulbs and TV bulbs come with 90 days warranty.